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Grammar pop quiz: Are You Entitled?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I realize that "entitled" sounds fancier than "titled," but there are many folks out there who will cringe when you use it this way. (Myself included.)

A common thought process amongst would-be grammarians on this word usage prefers to use "title" for, well, titles, and says that you are "entitled" to certain privileges. Your book is titled with a title. Your boss's spoiled children feel entitled to all the good things in life.

However, a little delving into dictionaries and grammar sites can show that—against my personal preference—you can actually use either word when referring to titles. Merriam Webster gives a nice explanation. Just be prepared to defend yourself if someone challenges your usage! Or make life and your sentence simpler, and state "I self-published a book, How to Make Lots of Money."

Now that you have that lesson down, you are entitled to a nice break with refreshment!

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