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You have a project you'd like my help with; where do you begin?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

CRH Designs marketing & graphic design office
Welcome to my office!

You have a new project! It might be a brochure, a large wall graphic, a small social media graphic, an article that needs copyediting, a product catalog... any number of things. First, know that I can help with very small to very large projects, so don't worry about the size.

Give me a call or an email to get started. I'll have many questions, so brace yourself! Here are some general-purpose questions I'll ask, and I'll have more specific ones as I learn more about your needs:

  • If your project is some sort of document or literature piece, I will want to know if it's going to be printed, distributed online, or both.

  • I'll ask about your company's corporate design: do you have a color palette that you always use? Specific fonts? Do you have required templates or layout structure?

  • Please have your logo file ready to send me; vector formats such as *.eps or *.ai are the gold standard, and high-resolution raster images such as *.psd or large *.jpg files also work. Your logo and any other images that you want to use should not be copied from a website, as those are quite low-resolution and will not work in many applications (there's exceptions to everything, however!).

  • What is the purpose of this project? Who is the audience? What message are you wanting conveyed? For example, a technical document and a sales document have different messages for different audiences, even if they're about the same product.

If you have any text or images you'd like to use, send them to me! You may email them or upload to my Dropbox.

  • Would you like non-product-specific images but do not have any that suit the need? Tell me what you'd like to see and I'll hunt down stock images that meet the criteria and let you select from them. A tranquil stream to convey calm? Sure! A busy warehouse staff moving boxes efficiently and safely? Got it!

  • Do you have text but it could use some finessing? No problem! I can edit it to be in the grammatically-correct, audience-appropriate voice for your purpose, whether it needs to be friendly, technical, simple, flowery, you name it.

  • Do you have "starter" text but there are gaps that need filling? I can interview your team members for missing information that I can incorporate.

  • Is your text stacks of notes and not one complete document? I can organize and arrange while editing, no worries there! I'll ask you to explain any company shorthand and other insights and get to work.

What is your due date for the project? If I can't complete it in your timeframe, I will let you know up front. I will never string you along and leave you hanging.

Do you prefer to be involved every step of the way, or to be left alone and presented with a final product? Are there team members you'd like included for input and draft review? I work to your preference, and revisions are always part of the package. You won't be stuck with a final product that you don't like.

My initial consultation is always free! Tell me about your project. My contact information is at the top of the page; call or email and let's get started!


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