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What software do I use in designing?

Software is an important part of graphic design and desktop publishing (DTP). For example, if your final product is destined for a printing press, it needs to have sufficient image resolution and the ability to separate colors for the different printing plates; these specifications are found in DTP software but not in office software.

Perhaps you have an existing file, such as an outdated product catalog, that needs updating. You need to know what software was used in creating the file previously and whether I use that same or compatible software in order for me to update your catalog.

I use the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite, specifically InDesign (for DTP), Photoshop (for photo edits), Illustrator (for drawing edits), and Acrobat (for creating print PDFs for press and interactive PDFs for online use).

I use Microsoft Office as well. I edit Word documents, create PowerPoint presentations, and import Excel data and Word text into InDesign.

Are you a Google or Apple app suite user? I am as well! I can work with your Google slides or Keynote presentation as well as spreadsheets and text documents.

You can see examples of my work using these programs here. Check out the different categories and guess which software was used for different projects! Learn more about my Marketing Design Services and Catalog Services. Questions? My email and phone number are at the top of the page; I'm happy to answer!

Adobe InDesign create headings and tables, Adobe Photoshop remove photo background, Adobe Illustrator ensure drawing line weight
What Adobe software does which job?


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